Thailand Mark

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Miracle medicine, seriously!

I know people write all sorts of comments on these kinds of supplements, often in the way of making them seem to good or some kind of miracle drug!... but for me this is nothing short of amazing.

My family has struggle constantly with getting sick— colds, flu's, sore throats, allergies, runny nose, etc. On my trip to SE Asia this Summer, I got horribly sick with a stomach flu... my throat was so sore that I could not speak.

My good friend , a naturopathic physician, told me to take 8 of these capsules, along with three teaspoons of black elderberry syrup, and I started feeling better right away. The reason I was able to take so many of these at once is because it contains natural mushroom which were gentle on my stomach.

Nothing that the pharmacist or my doctor has prescribed me, and nothing from the cold/flu section at the drug store, has ever come close to helping me boost my immune strength that this supplement does.

If you are taking this to boost your immune system, this formula is great because it also combines Vitamin C, Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3 and Turmeric. So, I don’t have to take so many extra capsules.

- Thailand Mark
Via Amazon, May 15, 2019

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